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Ayurveda isn't a myth, it is a healthy reality that helps to eradicate the health issues from the roots.

  • Natural products
    Natural products
    100% Natural
  • Products for Health and wellness
    Products for Health and wellness
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    Ayurvedic Formula
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    Effective and authentic
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Rama International health care supplements


Natural formulation

We have varieties of healthcare products that are gluten-free, have no added preservatives, and are sourced naturally. We have varieties of healthcare products that are gluten-free, have no added preservatives, and are sourced naturally.

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Ayurvedic Method

From natural sourcing to manufacturing, we use Ayurvedic method to formulate our medicines and hence, deliver you the best Ayurvedic products that are highly potent and safe too.

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We have always complied with our words and refrain from any discrepancy. With a team of knowledgeable and reliable experts, we thrive to deliver the highest quality of Ayurvedic products to our customers.


We have been working hard to revive the lost charm of Ayurveda and we work together in a team to aware people of how potent Ayurveda is. We have a dedicated team who source the required products for manufacturing medicines, a setup where we formulate the medicines naturally. All our Ayurvedic products are certified tested for potency.


We are a team of Ayurvedic experts. Our experience and knowledge in Ayurveda are impeccable and every team member has a wide idea about the use of Ayurveda in medicines and healing.

Why Our Products?

There are many Ayurvedic companies in the market but not all are reliable. We are open and don't conceal any information related to our medicines and ingredients that
can later harm your health. Besides, we have a long time of experience in dealing with Ayurveda.

From Nature To Your Table

The products sourcing is done from places where they are abundant and come in their best quality, then they are naturally processed into medicines. Having no added harmful preservatives, we deliver the best of nature to you.

Live Young Forever
Live Young Forever

Take time for health

Health is your biggest property and ignoring it can lead you to a huge loss. Explore our health care products and get the right treatment today!

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Certified Products
Certified Products


Rama International believes in the magic of nature and hence, formulates the best natural products for your wellbeing. Try us now!

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